Arm Pain Treatment


arm pain

Arm Pain
State Administrative Assistant
Cheryl’s work posture was to have her hands on the keyboard while turning to face customers.  Cath Lloyd pointed out to Cheryl that tension in her hips (from the non-ergonomically correct sitting posture) was likely why she was experiencing pain.  Cheryl had been to see several other therapist for her arm discomfort and none of them had suggested one of the causes of arm pain could be hip tension.  Because she had gone through arm therapy without getting relief, Cheryl was willing to try Cath’s nerve-specific muscle treatment.


Cheryl’s Arm Pain Treatment Plan

arm pain treatment plan

The first three hip treatments significantly decreased Cheryl’s pain.  By the end of the third week of treatments, Cheryl’s arm was pain-free and felt great!  Cheryl needs no more convincing that her arm discomfort was due to tension in her hip.

Cheryl’s Arm Pain Follow-up Plan

To stay pain-free, Cheryl calls Cath every 7-8 weeks when she notices tension in her hip.

arm pain follow-up plan

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