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ATHLETES are always looking for ways to prevent injuries.  Over-training is a common cause leading to injuries.  Paying attention to the subtle signs of over-training just became easier.  This digital app logs workouts and how the athlete is feeling. The app learns the athlete’s habits, finding patterns that suggest a potential injury is around the corner.

Toronto App Logit Helps Athletes Prevent Injuries

With the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio De Janeiro just 17 days away, many Canadian athletes are working hard to make sure they’re in top shape to take the world stage, and a Toronto startup has come up with a high-tech way to help keep them healthy.  RightBlue Labs has developed an app called Logit that monitors athletes’ training habits to help them avoid injury or illness when getting ready for competition.


“If an athlete commits to our system for one full year, we’re between 85-to-90 per cent accurate in preventing injury,” CEO and co-founder Ronen Benin said to CBC’s Metro Morning on Monday.


The app uses a kind of questionnaire — called a Likert scale —  that asks athletes to rank how they’re feeling, from very good to very bad, as they train.


Benin says the inspiration for the app came from his experience as a competitive swimmer, which was cut short by injuries.


“As an athlete, I ended up retiring when I was 17 years old because my body was destroyed,” he said.


Benin explained that he kept a training journal to track how he felt after training, standard procedure for most competitive amateur athletes. He added that while those journal logs can be helpful, they aren’t effective in alerting athletes of problems before they happen. Full article…

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