Back Ache Treatment


back ache

Back Ache
Barry has had a bad back for as long as he can remember.  Three weeks earlier, his back gave out after weeding his garden, one of the common causes of back ache.  Now Barry’s back ached with the simple task of walking.  Barry’s back pain was making it difficult to stay focused at work and it was making him impatient with his wife and children.  Having tried every conventional approach to get relief from his pain, Barry was looking to try something different when he came across Cath Lloyd’s nerve-specific muscle treatment.


Barry’s Back Ache Treatment Plan

back ache treatment plan

It took 4 treatments to get Barry’s muscle pain to clear, and two more treatments to secure the results.  Barry was pleased to be focused on his family and work again!

Barry’s Back Ache Follow-up Plan

Call-as-needed for Cath’s unique massage techniques is what works best for Barry’s schedule. To stay pain-free, he sees Cath when he has a back flare-up, which is usually associated with seasonal yard work.

back ache follow-up plan

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