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Another athlete living with a long pain list of complaints long after his playing days are over.  It’s one thing to be sore for a few days after a game, but years later?  I hope Brad Johnson will look to support from body workers who specialize in decreasing pain with the appropriate nerve and body techniques.

Former Quarter Back Brad Johnson’s Long Pain List

Ten years ago Brad Johnson led the Tampa Bay Buccaneers to a Super Bowl title.


Now the 44-year-old has trouble walking down the stairs at his home in Athens, Ga.


The injuries Johnson suffered throughout his 15-year career read like a laundry list of pain. While with the Minnesota Vikings in 1997, Johnson felt his neck stiffen up. It got so bad that he had trouble driving and couldn’t palm a football. As it turned out, he would need surgery to correct nerve damage in his spine between the C4 and C5 vertebrae.


“Deacon Jones said you have to give your body to the game,” Johnson said. “You look at him and his fingers are crooked. His eyes are probably crooked, too. But he’s right — you have to give your body.” read more at

No pain, no gain is an old school theory.  Supporting a body with proper nutrition and body work will prevent having a long pain list of complaints during the sports career.  More importantly, it will help in the years after the career, too.