brain injury

A brain fitness test for athletes is a novel approach to establishing baseline brain health. Any changes in subsequent testing can lead to quick intervention. Quick intervention can lead to immediate therapy to support correcting the detected problem.

Athletes Receive Concussion Testing Before Brain Injury

Concussions are not always easy to detect or treat and that’s why North Scott High School teamed up with Genesis to help treat them better.


“There are a multitude of symptoms and they all kind of blend together,” said Physical Therapist Karen Steidler.


The tests are done when the athlete is healthy.


When something does happen during a sport they can run the athlete through these tests again and compare the results and know how to treat the student.


“Then we know there’s something more serious going on, they start physical therapy, they start speech therapy and then we can help regain the ability for their brain to function,” said Steilder. Full article…

Kudos to Genesis Health Group for coming up with this idea. Implementing this program supports the community of athletes at risk of a brain injury.