Cancer Fatigue Treatment

cancer fatigue
Hand-Foot Syndrome and Cancer Fatigue
College Professor
When diagnosed with cancer, Flint’s research brought to his attention the importance of balancing the treatments for cancer and quality of life.  The side effects of cancer treatments can decrease the quality of life which leads to decreased treatment dosages and less effectiveness with the cancer.  Flint’s goal of reducing the side effects of his cancer treatments lead him to schedule one appointment a week with Cath Lloyd for a nerve-specific muscle treatment.


Cancer Fatigue Treatment Plan

cancer fatigue treatment plan




Flint met his goal of minimizing the side effects of his chemotherapy treatments.  Cath’s unique massage techniques reduced his cancer fatigue and reduced the chemotherapy induced neuropathy and hand-and-foot syndrome.

Cancer Fatigue Post-treatment

Flint is back to his full time teaching schedule at the university.
cancer fatigue post treatment update

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