What Makes Me Unique  in the field of Massage Therapy?

What Makes Me Unique
Throughout my massage therapy training, it became clear there were several directions I could go with my career.  The traditional, full body, relaxing massage Cath-at deskpath or a medically-oriented massage route.  Medical massage therapy was a perfect fit with my education in biology, chemistry, and microbiology.

With a goal of having a unique niche in the field of medical massage therapy, I focused on learning massage accredited, non-full body techniques aimed at re-setting the nervous system as a way to achieve quick and lasting results for clients looking for relief from nerve and muscle complaints.

This specialty training along with experience has lead to a greater understanding of the nervous system in relationship to pain complaints and mastering the massage techniques aimed at directly sending a re-set signal to the nervous system.  Fortunately, I was able to hone the skills for the nerve-specific muscle treatment, simultaneously, with clients at Duke Integrative Medicine and in my Cary, NC massage therapy office.

What Makes Me Unique…the whole story.