Elbow Pain Treatment

elbow pain
Elbow Pain
Retired Judge; Golf Enthusiast
Once an athlete, always and athlete!  Jill was in the process of switching her fast paced tennis game to being a decent golfer.  Unpleasantly, Jill found the elbow pain that she experienced as a tennis player was now showing up in her golf game.  At her golf pro’s urging, Jill sought therapy for her inflamed elbow tendon; one of the symptoms of golfer’s elbow (known as medial epicondylitis.)  Interested in resolving her elbow tension as quickly as possible so she could return to her golf game, Jill scheduled with Cath Lloyd for the nerve-specific muscle treatment.


Jill’s Elbow Pain Treatment Plan

elbow pain treatment plan

Cath was able to clear Jill’s elbow pain as well as some hip tension, which increased Jill ability to follow-through on her golf swing.  Jill found she was able to consistently hit the ball further than her own athletic expectations!  Cath’s unique massage techniques have become part of Jill’s  regular self-care.

Jill’s Elbow Pain Follow-up Plan

Jill schedules with Cath prior to her big golf events so she can be sure to be at the top of her game.

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