High Heels for Short Legs   For Correct Ergonomic Sitting

There are times when wearing high heels can be a solution to correct ergonomic sitting position.

High HeelsWhen Will Wearing High Heels be of Help?
Sitting in chairs without your heels reaching the floor.  Sitting in chairs without feet flat on the floor creates stress on the body and leads to chronic pain complaints.  Dangling feet, toes stretched down to touch the floor, sitting with one leg crossed over the other, or sitting with feet crossed in back of the chair legs create muscle compensation patterns that lead to muscular pain.

Why Will Wearing High Heels be of Help?
Heels (high or platform), when sitting, allow the heels to reach the floor and reduce the contraction of the posterior calf muscles, and likewise, reduce the stretch of the anterior calf muscle.

From a muscle-perspective, the compensation patterns created when substitution for the proper sitting posture of feet flat on the floor causes a domino affect of muscle imbalances beginning with the foot and calf muscles. The final muscle imbalance may result in pain behind the knee, calf muscle pain, back pain, and even jaw pain.

*Another solution:
When sitting, use a pillow or stool under the feet to support the heels.

Flat on Platform                  Flats on platform2