Reduce High Heel-Back Pain

Why does wearing high heels cause back pain?
Extended periods of time spent walking in high heels creates a muscle imbalance between the front and back calf muscles and the toes become the direct and main support of the body.  As the back of the calf muscles continue to tighten, the Achilles’ tendon also becomes tight.  This can result in pain behind the knees, calf muscle pain, heel pain and back pain.  To comfortably wear high heels on a regular basis, stretching the Achilles’ tendon is a must!


It is possible to wear high heels and not have back pain!


Finding time to do stretches is not likely to happen for the majority of people wearing high heels.  An easy way to naturally stretch the Achilles’ tendon is to wear a sandal or shoe with a negative heel around home for an hour or more pre- or post- wearing heels.  A shoe with a negative heel will drop the heel below the toes (opposite of high heels) and create a nice, gentle stretch on the Achilles’ tendon.  When trying on shoes with a negative heel, you should notice the weight of your body being distributed directly to the heels.

There are several brands of shoes that promote a negative heel.  Try a few on for comfort and begin by wearing them for 15 minutes a day until you are wearing them for an hour or two around the house.