Hip Replacement

Michael Rix is a hip replacement success story.  This is a must read for all athletes unable to compete due to pain!  Riddled with devastating pain and unable to compete, Rix underwent hip replacement with the expectation that his competitive career was over.  Thankfully, a hip replacement does not mean an active sports life is over.

Athlete Wins Triathlon 12 Weeks Post Hip Replacement

ATHLETE Michael Rix thought his competitive running career was over when he developed severe arthritis in his left hip at the age of 40.


Yet just 12 weeks after having a hip implant he won a triathlon. Three years later he was competing at the highest level as a Team GB athlete, winning a silver medal in the 2015 Duathlon World Championships.


“My whole life revolved around training and competing. Yet I was having to take so much pain medication just to get through the day and to get any sleep. “Then to be told that I needed a hip replacement and that I may only be able to run a couple of miles after that was just devastating.”


Two weeks after surgery Mike was cycling on a static bike and swimming. Three months later he beat 105 competitors to win the Dorney Lake SuperSprint Triathlon.


A recent report by the Royal College of Surgeons revealed a 76 per cent rise in the last 10 years in people under 60 who have had hip replacement surgery. Mr Acton says: “Twenty years ago patients such as Mike would have been told to give up sport and wait, in pain until they were in their 60s or 70s. Full article…

Living with pain of any sort may not be the only an option. Health care providers and specialists help individuals to improve their health by reducing pain.  Michael Rix is a fine role model for people looking to reduce their pain level.