Less Injured NBA Players = More Wins??

Do the number of injured NBA players on a team directly correlate to the teams number of wins? Good chance the answer to this question is a big YEAH!

Out of thirty NBA teams, only one team is missing from today’s NBA injury report.  See if you can figure out which team has zero injured NBA players on today’s report.  Without giving it away this teams complete identity, this team does currently have the most wins in the Western Conference.  Oh, and by the way, this team also has the least losses in the Western Conference, too.

See the full NBA injured players list…

While the Miami Heat is at the top of the injury report today, it is not at the bottom of it’s conference for wins. And as of today, it is not at the top of it’s conference either.  It is pretty much in the middle of the Eastern Conference, win/loss wise.

Further comparison of today’s NBA injury list and conference ranking reveals a few surprising correlations. For example, the Hawks are at the bottom of the Eastern Conference, yet there are only two players on the injured list.  The Celtics are at the top of this same conference and they have three players on this same list.

Perhaps more the more aggressive the team, the more likely they are to have injuries? As a medical sport massage therapist focusing on injury prevention, I have a few questions. Such as,  are players responsible for their own regime for sustaining a muscularly balanced body?  Are the players in charge of having their own private team of trainers, massage therapist and nutritionist?

How do NBA teams support the health of its team members?  Do the teams have specialist in place for injury prevention or do the specialist only step in after an injury has occurred? Are some teams more on board with injury prevention strategies?  Is this reflected in the W/L ratio?