Usain Bolt has the mindset of a winner.  He also acknowledges his injuries are taking longer to heal.  Yet, Bolt feels the sport continues to need him to win.  With this mindset, we may very well see Bolt in Tokyo at the 2020 Olympics.

Despite Injuries  Bolt Committed to Running Sport

LONDON (AP) — Whatever controversy is raging in the Olympic world there’s one constant: Usain Bolt’s bravado and self-confidence.


“I know the sport needs me to win – and come out on top,” Bolt asserts, assessing the damage caused by the Russian doping scandal that has divided sports leaders.


Bolt usually goes to Munich every three months to visit his doctor, Hans-Wilhelm Muller-Wohlfahrt.


“Especially at the start of last year I noticed that injuries take a little bit more time to get back to where you want to be,” Bolt said. “My coach always tells me that the older you get it’s going to get harder, and you have to push yourself.”


“My coach always says ‘Usain you can always go on to the 2020 Olympics if you want,’” Bolt said. “So this is why he tells me to stop talking about retirement and just take it a year at a time.” Full article…

Bolt will soon be thirty years old.  The sport’s greatest athlete going for the gold in 2020 may be possible.  After all,  his coach is in favor of avoiding retirement and Bolt has the mindset of a winner.  Hopefully, Bolt can continue to find ways to recover from his injuries so his body can perform like a winner.