Here’s a bodybuilder who was inspired by bodybuilders and now inspires others.  We can all learn from one another on some level.  Who has inspired you?  And, as importantly, who do you inspire?


Inspiring Body Builder has One Arm and No Legs

In many ways, Nick Santonastasso is like any other 20 year old: he’s youthful, full of life, and loves to be fit and active. But spend even a little time with him and you’ll realize how extraordinary he is. Santonastasso was born with Hanhart Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that manifests itself with either unformed organs or limbs. Brimming with a drive and determination that inspires others, nothing has stopped him from chasing his dream of being a fitness model and bodybuilder. read more at

Need to be more inspired?  See more of Nick in action:

Flipping a tire:




I’m inspired after watching all that Nick CAN do, how about you?