Knee Soreness
Glen Taylor, owner of Minnesota Timberwolves, discusses Kevin Garett and the 2016-2017 NBA season.  Just ONE more season and Kevin Garnett would set as NBA record for having the longest career.

The uncertainty with his decision has to do with knee soreness.  Garnett must be doing something right if his knee problem has been under control thus far.  There are many manual therapies available for improving knee function.  Acupuncture, massage, physical therapy, and structural integration are a few that might support Garnett’s 2016-2017 NBA season.

Kevin Garnett’s Knee Soreness May Interfere with NBA Record

With Kobe Bryant’s extended farewell tour over since April and Tim Duncan slipping quietly into retirement to start this week, [Kevin] Garnett is the next logical aging NBA star to face a decision to play or not in 2016-17.


If he does, the face and heart of Minnesota Timberwolves franchise will set a record for the longest career (22 years), surpassing Robert Parish and Kevin Willis. He also will be hoping to improve upon, or at least not decline further from, his least impactful season ever: Garnett averaged 3.2 points and 3.9 rebounds in 14.6 minutes, appearing in only 38 games and none after Jan. 23 due to knee soreness.


It could be that simple, that this is less a question of “will he or won’t he?” than “can he or can’t he?” As lean as Garnett is, his bones have logged serious mileage — he ranks fifth all-time in games played (1,462) and third in regular-season minutes (50,418). That’s nearly as many as Chris Paul and Kevin Durant combined.


“I think he’s worried if he can play,” Taylor said. “I worry about that too. When I talked to him last year, I said, ‘Is it your knees or what?’ He said, ‘It’s my whole leg.’ ”


While Garnett has lasted 21 years in the NBA, it would be great to see him set the NBA record for having the longest career.  May he find the solution to getting his knee soreness under control so he can play for the 2016-2017 season.