Get the WALLET out of the Back POCKET

A “bottom” line formula is:


“Do you keep your wallet in your back pocket?” is one of the first questions I ask new clients with back complaints.

The lateral rotator muscles on the non-wallet side are much tighter than the same muscles on the wallet side.  The technical anatomical explanation as presented by doctors Janet Travel and David Simons is that “The wallet can cause ‘back-pocket sciatica” when sitting on it compresses a gluteus minimus TrP(trigger point), and it can also tilt the pelvis…”

Another bottom-line for clients who keep a wallet in their back pocket is sitting on the wallet undoes any treatment they are seeking for back pain relief; which means it can be a waste of money to receive a treatment and then sit on your wallet after the treatment.

Two Alternatives to sitting on a wallet:

1.  Keep the wallet in the front pocket.

2.  Switch the wallet from the back pocket to front pocket just before sitting down.