Maintenance Package

MaintenanceSuccessfully Supporting

These Careers

Professional Athletes
Olympic Athletes
Actors and Actresses
Cross-fit Competitors

The Injury Rehabilitation ensured that:

  • Your body is structurally aligned
  • Your muscular system is operating efficiently
  • Your immune system is healthy

How do you stay in the sweet spot of living life to the fullest?

Maintenance is the key to this package.  Just like routinely changing your car oil keeps it running smooth.

Periodically resetting your nerve roots keeps the body’s structural alignment intact and encourages proper muscle efficiency.

The mini-lymphatic drainage therapy included in the maintenance package will help keep your immune system healthy and running like a well-oiled engine.  Read more about the lymphatic system.

So…how often are maintenance treatments scheduled?

The frequency fluctuates according to your big events.  Since maintenance treatments directly relate to injury prevention, scheduling a treatment before and after a big event is your best game plan.  Scheduling before your big event will clear out any havoc in your nerve roots, allowing your performance to proceed without any muscular hitches.  Likewise, scheduling after your big event allows your body to quickly reset to neutral after enduring extreme physical activity.

Suggested Maintenance Schedules:

If you’ve been on Extended travel for games or high pressured meetings (Professional Athletes and CEO’s):
Just coming off the injury rehabilitation package:

  • A treatment before hitting the road
  • A treatment after returning

If you have several maintenance treatments under your belt:

  • A treatment after returning

If you’re training for a major event (Cross-fit Competitors and Olympic Athletes):

  • A treatment prior to hard-core training
  • A treatment 1/3 of the way into training
  • A treatment one week before the competition
  • A treatment several days after the competition

Regular Maintenance
Just completed the injury rehabilitation package:

  • A treatment 2 weeks out
  • A treatment 3 weeks out
  • A treatment 4 weeks out
  • A treatment every 1-3 months based on activity level