pre-race stretch

Michael Phelps is giving back to China.  As the Olympics began in Rio, Phelps’ round red cupping marks on his back drew media attention.  Cupping is an original Traditional Chinese Medicine technique.  Now China’s social media is imitating Phelps’ pre-race stretch.

Michael Phelps’ Pre-race Stretch Inspires China’s Social Media

pre-race stretch

Full article… Last week the world’s most-decorated swimmer Michael Phelps gained attention at the Rio Olympics for sporting big red spots on his back.


It was revealed the spots had resulted from ‘cupping therapy’, an ancient Chinese medicine method that suctions parts of the body in the attempt to stimulate blood flow.


This week another of Phelps’ pre-race preparations – a warm-up stretch that involves wrapping his arms around his body – has garnered attention, inspiring millions of Chinese people to copy it.

Here’s a few posts associated with this on-line obsession:

The hashtags #Feiyubao and #Feiyubaobimohoubei, which roughly translate as “Phelps crossing arms whilst touching his back”, have been viewed more than 10 million times on Weibo alone. Many Chinese social media users have been trying to follow in the American swimmer’s footsteps. Or should that be arm-swings?


One Weibo user posted: “I’ve succeeded in the competition of touching my belly button by reaching behind back. Here I am again!”


Another wrote: “I feel that I’ve done better than this world champion. If I try harder, I can have my own two hands wrapped around me whilst shopping in public.” read more at

The Olympics is a great way for athletes to share their talents with the world.  Who knew China’s social media would be mimic Phelps’ pre-race stretch?