multiple sports

Versatility is the key to being successful in any arena.  Playing multiple sports supports a young athlete’s overall sports growth more than specializing on one sport.  This concept is applicable many areas of life.  Exposure to a variety of food brings about expansion of the palate.  Being privy to the inner workings of the plethora of management styles will increase awareness of the give and take that goes on with managing relationships.  This expansion can increase the ability to flex and refocus engagement in the game of life.

Playing Multiple Sports Benefits the Young Athlete

Being a well-rounded athlete benefits young people.

As we watch the Olympics, the athletes are so inspiring. It’ obvious they’ve dedicated their lives to these sports. That leaves many parents wondering how much they should be focusing their own children who are interested in athletics.


NBC Charlotte’s Colleen Odegaard caught up with local trainer, Kirk DeWaele from Madabolic Inc.  who also played professional hockey, about when kids should begin specializing in one particular sport. “I think the big thing is to cautious and realistic. There’s so much pressure to do one sport and stick with that one sport year-round, even with young children. I think once you get to the 12 and 13-year-olds, that’s the time to look into specializing if your child is standing out in that particular sport,” he told us.


DeWaele says it’s important to remember, that most of the super star athletes we see today, like Cam Newton, played several sports growing up. He stresses that specializing too early can prevent a child from becoming a well-rounded athlete. “Playing different sports helps you develop as an athlete overall. Full article…

You’re always young enough to become more well-rounded.  Multiple sports can develop this feature in the developing athlete.  Where will you benefit from adding multiplicity to your life?