Nerve-Specific Muscle Treatment  for a Pain-free Life

cath-9From the beginning of my massage therapy career, I was interested in getting lasting pain relief for all of my clients.  I was not satisfied with clients feeling better for a few hours or a few days.  The techniques that gave the results I was looking for were taught from the perspective of re-setting the nervous system.  A way to access the nervous system is through the muscles.  So, correctly treating a muscle or a group of muscles is a way to send a re-set message to a specific nerve, hence, the term, nerve-specific muscle treatment.

Nerves are responsible for communicating to muscle fibers, organ systems, and areas of the skin (known as dermatomes).  When a nerve is out of balance a client may experience muscle discomfort, nerve pain, organ system complaints and posture imbalance.  When nerves are in balance, clients experience a pain-free life and virtually perfect posture.

Main Causes of  Nerve Imbalances
Injuries, traumas, compensation patterns and repetitive motion activities (painting, swimming, factory-line work) contribute to nerve imbalances.

Determining Which  Nerves to Re-set
By listening to the client’s history of pain, quickly analyzing the client’s posture, and checking for muscular areas of discomfort, I am able to zero-in on which nerve is in need of being re-set.Skeleton-short arm

Muscle Treatment
Once I have determined which nerve is in need of being re-set, I work the muscles specific to that nerve.  The upper body and torso muscles are worked with the client sitting on a stool.  The lower body muscles are worked with the client on the massage table.

The client remains clothed and there is no use of oil or cream.

On occasion, I may work extra tight areas with compression or trigger point work to facilitate greater release of extremely tight muscles.

My years of experience in using non-full body massage techniques has lead to a unique, nerve-specific muscle treatment which alleviates muscle pain, as well as, nerve pain; restoring clients to  pain-free living.

For Quick and Lasting Results
I use the following treatment schedules:

Clients Experiencing
Clients Receiving
CHEMOTHERAPY:muscle treatment for clients receiving chemotherapy
Clients Experiencing
muscle treatment for chronic painmuscle treatment for acute pain