Decrease Pain for these Conditions for a Pain-free Life

Decrease Pain for the following Muscular Issues:

Upper Body Conditions Lower Body Conditions
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Achilles Tendonitis
Deltoid Pain  Ankle Flexion (decreased)
Finger/Thumb Pain  Anterior Thigh (Quadriceps) Pain
Forearm Pain  Calf Pain
Frozen Shoulder Syndrome  Foot Pain
Golfer’s Elbow  Heel Pain
Hand Pain  Knee Pain/Swollen Knee
Headaches/Migraines  Hip Pain
Loss of Hand Grip  Low Back Pain
Neck Pain  Sitting to Standing Discomfort
Pectoralis Minor Syndrome  Pain Going Upstairs
Rotator Cuff Problems  Plantar Fasciitis
Sinus Headaches/Congestion  Piriformis Discomfort
Shoulder Pain  Sciatica
Tennis Elbow  Shin Splints
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome  Toe Pain

Improvement seen in clients with the following conditions:

Acid Reflux
Chemotherapy Side Effects
Numbness (Neuropathy)
Shoulder Pain Associated with Mastectomy