Golden State Warrior’s Coach Steve Kerr is in Constant Pain

Constant Pain

Constant pain can prevent people from showing up for work. ¬†Here’s a case where one person underwent surgery to relieve back pain, ¬†ended up with work-inhibiting pain, and has progressed to working with constant pain.

Golden State coach Steve Kerr didn’t catch Cleveland’s championship parade, or LeBron James holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy aloft, or J.R. Smith’s bare-chested he-man poses. He did not catch these things because, at the time, he was jetting to the Duke Medical Center in Durham, N.C., to meet with doctors — again — to press for answers as to why nearly a year after back surgery, he’s still experiencing searing pain and dizziness.

constant pain


The pain following his surgery, caused by fluid leaking into his spine, blindsided him. The searing headaches, nausea and dizziness were unrelenting. After missing the season’s first 39 games, Kerr returned on Jan. 22 to coach the team, but he was not cured. The worry lines embedded in his face tell the story: The 2016 playoff march was a physical grind. Kerr’s symptoms have improved but not dissipated, and he is a long way from being pain-free. Read more…

Here’s hoping Kerr’s 2016-17 coaching season will be free of constant pain.