James Harrison

Body IS Business for James Harrison

James Harrison is a smart athlete and business man.  Recognizing his body is his business, he puts money into taking care of himself to be the best player he can be at all times.

Official NFL playing-time documents show that over his 10-year career with the Pittsburgh Steelers, current Cincinnati Bengals linebacker James Harrison played in 7,145 snaps on defense or special teams. Considering the physical, often violent nature of the sport, and Harrison’s own playing style, that will lead to a lot of wear and tear on the body.


Since Harrison uses his body to make a living, it would make sense that he would spend some of his earnings in keeping himself in prime physical condition. During his introductory press conference with the Bengals on Tuesday, Harrison disclosed that he has spent upwards of half a million dollars per year on his body.


“My body is what helps me to make money,” Harrison said. “Whatever there is that I need to do to try and make myself better or get myself healthy, I’m going to do it. It wouldn’t be unreasonable to say that I spend anywhere between $400,000-$600,000 on body work, as far as taking care of my body, year-in and year-out. read more at sports.yahoo.com

Performers who invest in their body value their business’ greatest asset.