Nocturia and Stiff Legs Treatment


stiff legs & nocturia
Nocturia and Stiff Leg
Southeast Regional Sales Manager
Paul began experiencing nocturia 2 years ago after prostate removal surgery (one of the causes of nocturia.)  Also, Paul noticed he had a stiff leg after sitting for long hours which occurred with the driving required for his sales manager position.  It would take an hour of walking around after a drive before Paul felt his sore leg relax.  Paul was pleased Cath Lloyd’s nerve-specific muscle treatment was able to address both his nocturia and stiff legs.


Nocturia and Stiff Legs Treatment

nocturia and stiff leg treatment plan

To Paul’s surprise, after several of Cath’s unique massage techniques, he reduced going to the bathroom at night from his usual 4-5 times to one.  After 3 more treatments, Paul stated that most nights he wasn’t getting up at all, and he no longer felt like a pretzel when he got out of the car after a long drive.

Nocturia and Stiff Legs
Follow-up Plan

Paul maintains his flexibility and pain-free lifestyle with a 4-5 week appointment.

nocturia and stiff leg follow-up plan 1

nocturia and stiff leg follow-up plan 2

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