Numb Feet Treatment

foot numbness
Numb Feet
Ida had numb feet for several years.  In addition to the numbness, she described feeling a pins and needles sensation in her feet.  There were some days when Ida was experiencing pain in her feet, as well.  Ida’s daughter noticed Ida was less steady on her feet than she had been several months ago, understanding these are symptoms of diabetic foot neuropathy (Ida has been diabetic for 10 years.)  Ida and her daughter were excited to hear Cath Lloyd’s nerve-specific muscle treatment could potentially decrease Ida’s nerve pain.


Ida’s Numb Feet Treatment Plan

foot numbness treatment plan

After the first week of treatments, Ida noticed the tingling in her feet was significantly less and she was more aware of feeling the texture of the carpet when she walked barefoot in the house.  After the second week of treatments, Ida’s daughter noticed there was a ‘spring’ in her mother’s step again.  By the third week Ida’s foot numbness was gone and she was able to balance on a step-stool to reach the top cupboard shelf in the kitchen.

Ida’s Numb Feet Follow-up Plan

At her daughter’s suggestion, Ida continues receiving treatments once a month for maintenance.

foot numbness follow-up plan

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