Three On-site Package Options

These packages are designed for sports injury recovery and the prevention of future sports injuries.

On-site treatments reduce the busy client’s need to travel to appointments.

Injury RehabThis is where you start!  You’ve been too busy to deal with your mounting aches and pains and now you’ve suffered a major injury. This customized treatment plan will restore your body to optimal health for achieving peak performance again.

Learn more about the Injury Rehabilitation Package.

MaintenanceWhat now?  You are back in the limelight! How do you stay there?  Follow-up treatments at regular intervals will keep you performing at your top level.  Maintenance sessions are the perfect way to prevent future sports injuries.

Learn more about the Maintenance Package.

surgery recoveryUnavoidable surgeries can cause scheduling nightmares for any performer. Pre and post treatments will speed your return to center stage, often reducing recovery time by half.  How often have you had a mountain reduced to a molehill?  That’s exactly what you’ll experience with recovery treatments.

Learn more about the Surgery Recovery Package.

A Unique Approach to Improved Health
Techniques are Designed to:

Decrease muscle pain by resetting nerve roots
Read more about Balancing the Nervous System

Physical, mental, and emotional improvements

Clear compensation patterns from previous injuries

Improved muscle strength

Encourage healthy lymph flow
Read more about the Lymphatic System

Healthier, more robust immune system

Deactivate health stressor reflex points

Reduced susceptibility to future injuries

Disrupt unproductive thought patterns

Better sleep patterns
This is What A Unique Approach to Improved Health’s Clients Do

Realize that taking care of their body = taking care of their business

Feel like taking care of their body is someone else’s business

Give their body the healthy support it needs to sustain extreme athletic standards

Expect their body to keep up with high physical stress without a health-supporting routine

Recognize pain as a sign their body needs extra TLC

Ignore pain

Maintain a healthy diet

Eat poorly

Value the services of experts in the health field

Ignore advice regarding health improvement

Respect professional boundaries

Blur the professional and personal boundary line
If the ALWAYS column resonates with you, then it’s likely that A Unique Approach to Improved Health is the right choice for you.