Shoulder Blade Pain and Cough Treatment


shoulder blade pain & cough

Shoulder Blade Pain and Cough
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Connie’s had a 3 year history of experiencing pain in her shoulder blade.  At times, the shoulder blade pain would cause referred ear pain.  Next on Connie’s list of health concerns was a persistent cough that she had been experiencing for more than 50 years.  While never having smoked, Connie would have a daily morning coughing spell as if she had been a smoker all her life.  Connie was ready to try anything to get rid of her shoulder blade pain and cough, so she scheduled appointments with Cath Lloyd for the nerve-specific muscle treatment.


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Shoulder Blade Pain and Cough Treatment

Cath’s plan was to, simultaneously, focus on Connie’s shoulder blade pain and cough.  After four of Cath’s unique massage techniques, the cough had subsided significantly and was gone after the fifth treatment.  And, Connie was no longer experiencing pain in her shoulder blade.  Connie is enjoying cough-free mornings and the added bonus of getting complete ear pain relief.

Shoulder Blade Pain and Cough Follow-up

Connie schedules an appointment with Cath every 6 weeks to stay pain-free.

shoulder blade pain & cough follow-up plan


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