Shoulder Blade Pain

Shoulder blade pain doesn’t just happen. A repetitive shoulder activity or a one-time trauma to the shoulder has generally set the scene for the pain you are currently experiencing.

The body normally re-sets from repetitive physical shoulder activity and minor shoulder trauma imbalances during a good night of sleep; allowing you to start your day in-balance and feeling good. If this isn’t happening for you, then you either are not getting in to the REM cycle of sleep, which is when the re-set happens, or your repetitive activity or trauma is more than the normal sleep re-set can handle.

Examples of repetitive physical shoulder activity leading to shoulder blade pain are:

  • gardening(bending to pull/twist weeds out of the ground)
  • painting (brush, roller)
  • playing viola/violin
  • prolonged immobility
  • riding in a car
  • sitting on an airplane
  • prolonged leaning forward with rounded-shoulders
  • keyboarding
  • gaming
  • driving
  • writing
  • sewing


Sports activity such as:

  • throwing a baseball
  • swimming
  • weight lifting
  • push-ups
  • fast running
  • tennis
  • excessive poling with downhill skiing
  • Reaching into the back seat of the car
  • Recent coughing due to asthma, bronchitis, emphysema

Examples of one-time traumas contributing to shoulder blade pain are:

  • mastectomy
  • breast reduction
  • fall on shoulder
  • physical blow to the shoulder while playing contact sports
  • surgical repair to arm/shoulder
  • car accidents