Sprained Ankle Treatment

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Sprained Ankle
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Chad had an ankle trauma several months earlier while playing soccer.  While this is a common soccer injury, the sprained ankle recovery was going too slow for Chad.  He was still experiencing pain in his ankle throughout the day and the injured ankle still balked at supporting his body weight.  In addition to getting his weak ankle to hold his weight again, Chad’s main goal was to get back to playing aggressive soccer with his team.  Chad already had ankle rehab per his doctor’s suggestion.  When Chad heard about Cath Lloyd’s massage techniques, he was more than willing to schedule the nerve-specific muscle treatment.


Chad’s Sprained Ankle Treatment

sprained ankle treatment plan

After the first week of treatments, Chad was able to put full weight on his sprained ankle without experiencing pain.  Following the second week of treatments, Chad was back to practicing with his soccer team.  By the time Chad arrived for his sixth treatment, he was confident in his ability to play a rugged game of soccer without having to favor his formerly weak ankle.

Chad’s Sprained Ankle Follow-up

Call-as-needed for staying pain-free.

sprained ankle follow-up plan

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