Top of the Foot Pain Treatment

Whitneytop of the foot pain
Top of the Foot Pain
Retired Army General
In the past 3 weeks, Whitney had noticed pain on the top of his foot.  At first, he thought it might be his shoes were tied to tight, causing a nerve entrapment.  Soon he was experiencing pain even when he wasn’t wearing shoes.  A trip to the doctor’s office resulted in a diagnosis of tendonitis on top of foot.   Whitney was confused by this pain condition because he couldn’t contribute it to anything new in his daily routine.  Not one to monkey around, Whitney decided to try Cath Lloyd’s unique massage techniques for his acute pain.


Top of the Foot Pain Treatment Plan

top of the foot pain treatment plan

After the first week of treatments, Whitney’s top of the foot pain decreased 90%!  He was also aware of having more ease of movement in his daily exercise routine. Even bending down to pat his dog was easier!  Whitney is glad he decided schedule the nerve-specific muscle treatment.whitney-small dog

Top of the Foot Pain Follow-up Plan

To maintain his new pain-free life, Whitney sees Cath whenever he notices stiffness during his weekly workouts.

top of the foot pain follow-up plan

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