Sport Injuries Happen


From athletes and dancers, to stunt workers and singers,

to performers and weekend warriors

Injuries happen.   Business stops.   Dreams are cut short.  Bills pile up.

Have you tried everything to get your body back in business?

Physical Therapy?  Pain Management? Massage?  Acupuncture?  Surgery?

Is This You?

Dancing with the Stars


is calling and you want that mirror ball trophy! Everything in you wants to say ‘Yes’ to DWTS, except for your bad hip from extreme sports ‘back in the day.’ How can you be sure your dance routine scores big with the judges?

NFL Combine


is fast approaching. You’re a free agent with a history of knee injuries looking for a team to sign you on. You’ve got to show that you can perform like nobody’s business.  How can you prove you’re up to NFL playing standards?

Still Recovering


from surgery?  Surgery was supposed to improve your game but you are still a long way from being competitive again.  How do you get back in the game in top-notch condition?

Are You An Injury Away


from sitting on the bench…again?  Hip-loading exercises and ankle braces have strengthened your weak ankle, mostly.  What else can you do?

Got Game?


…not!  Your pain is not enough to keep you out of the game, but it keeps you distracted from the sport you love.  Secretly, you hope your team does not make the playoffs so your pain can take a timeout.  What can be done about your pain?

Tired of Being In Pain?


Your playing days are over, but your body is constantly aching and hurting.  You have so many activities and people wanting your attention, but managing your pain consumes your time…and your thoughts.  Is this all you have to show for your career in sports?

Unexpected injuries change our lives.

Has an Injury Impacted


your ability to perform?  One unfortunate mishap affected your ability to do the things you love.  You have learned to make do, but how fulfilling is it, really?

Not Giving Up


right?  You’ve done everything you’ve been told to do to get rid of your pain and it’s still there.  What do you do when you have tried everything to get your debilitating injury fixed?

Facing a Serious Loss


of revenue?  Just a few more years and you would have been financially set to retire from sports.  This unexpected injury was not part of your financial forecast.  How can you keep the money coming in?

If your body is YOUR business,

and YOUR business is Struggling,

It’s time to SCHEDULE with A Unique Approach.

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