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Catherine Winfree, Cary, NC

Massage Therapist (LMBT 4862)


Comments from...

Clients Undergoing Chemotherapy and Radiation

Stage IV Colo-rectal Cancer

"Thanks to these treatments, I experienced very few side effects. Some days before treatments, I was tired and having some pain; I always left with more energy for the day and my pain would subside over the next 24 hours. My appetite and energy levels both remained strong during this intense chemotherapy and radiation treatment and that is so important. I feel anything we, as patients, can do to take some control over our healing is so important. While I am in chemotherapy and radiation treatment, I receive weekly sessions. It always gives me that boost I need for the week.”


Stage IV Colon Cancer

"For me, these treatments have helped prevent the progression of chemotherapy-related fatigue, hand and foot syndrome, and neuropathy. The treatments provide immediate relief and arrest the development of these side effects. I have been receiving chemotherapy for 9 months and have tolerated these symptoms well, allowing me to continue with a treatment that is effective in battling my cancer.


Comments from...

Clients Recovering from Surgery

Tumor Removal

“It was supposed to take three months to heal, and I’m already better in two weeks.”


Heart Procedure

“The doctor said I would look like ‘death warmed over’ for six weeks. After three weeks, no one could tell I had major surgery.”


Knee Replacement

“My recovery is way ahead of schedule”


Prostate Removal

“I could sit up on my own immediately after the first post-surgery treatment."



“The tingling and numbness in my fingers is gone. And I can easily text and write again.”


Comments from...

Clients with Pain Concerns


After the first treatment:

“I can feel the texture of the carpet.“

Three weeks later, after the 5th treatment:

“After ten years of diabetic neuropathy, I am going back to driving with foot pedals instead of hand controls.”


“I can button my shirt without assistance.”


“I can cycle for hours without any numbness.”


Ankle Pain

“My ankle never gives me any trouble now.”  


“I can sprint up and down the field again.”


Back Pain

“I thought my running days were over. Now I'm back to running 15-20 miles a week.”


“For the first time in years, I can bend down and pat my dog.”


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currently accepting female clients only

Cary, NC Massage Therapy (4862)

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currently accepting female clients only

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